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Halcones Peregrinos (peregrine falcons) Mountain Club, together with the councils of Los Guájares, El Pinar, Motril, Salobreña, Molvízar and Vélez de Benaudalla organise the Costa TropicalX100KM -UTCT mountain trail ultra run event, in collaboration with the Andalusian Mountain Federation (FAM).

This sports event is a mountain footrace which will take place on April 15th, 2023, in six different municipalities in the province of Granada. (Motril, Vélez de Benaudalla, El Pinar, Los Guájares, Molvízar and Salobreña).

  • Distance: 100.8 km
  • Slope: 3,500 m +
  • Duration: 21 hours
  • Number of provisioning points: 12
  • Runners (both male and female): 200
  • Date and time of the start: Saturday, April 15th of 2023 at 7:30 a.m.
  • Edition: 1st

The start and finish will be in the same place.
Start: Plaza de la Coronación/Coronación Square (next to the local sports pavilion), Motril.
Finish: Plaza de la Coronación/Coronación Square (next to the local sports pavilion), Motril.


2.1. The route will be marked by the organization by means of coloured tape and other signalling elements. The participants must follow these indications in order to be able to complete the race. If the participants do not see any sign for 400-500 metres, they must turn around and return the way they came until they find the last marker and continue on the official path of the race.

2.2. Participants who do not follow the rules or cause harm within public or private spaces will be held responsible for their acts.

2.3. All runners must be especially careful on roads or streets of the race, since they will be open to traffic. They must comply with traffic rules and the indications of the organisation. It will be mandatory to follow the itinerary of the race and go through the established checkpoints.


3.1. To participate in the race the following requirements are to be met:

• You must know and accept the conditions stated in these regulations.

• You must be at least 21 years old before the 31st of December,2022.

• Make sure the online inscription is correctly filled in.

• We recommend that you have a medical certificate or endurance test at least six months before the test. This is to certify that participants in this race do not make an effort that will put their physical integrity at risk.

3.2. It is not allowed to participate in the race with animals or pets.


• Participants will not hold Halcones Peregrinos Mountain Club, the Andalusian Mountain Federation or any physical or juridical person linked to the organisation of the race accountable for the responsibility derived from any accident caused by traffic or sports accidents among participants.

• Participants will not hold the above mentioned accountable for any damage to their health derived from their participation in the race, thereby personally assuming the inherent health risks that are the result of the physical effort required for this activity.

• Runners in the Costa Tropical X 100km participate voluntarily, being fully aware of the distance, slope and physical requirements for the race. It will take place on a mountainous terrain along roads, tracks and paths where there might be adverse weather conditions such as cold, heat, rain or wind. Runners must make sure that their physical condition is appropriate to take part in the race, and that they know how to carry and use the mandatory equipment, being responsible for any problems that may arise during the race for ignoring these requirements. The organisation declines all responsibility in case of accident due to negligence on behalf of the runner, and also in case of loss of personal belongings or damage to it. Each runner will be responsible for any harm or damage to them or to others, exonerating the Organisation of any responsability in case of accident or injury. All participants, once inscribed, accept the established conditions in these Regulations. Any circumstance that is unforeseen by these Regulations will be solved by the Committee of the Race, based on the Regulations of Mountain Races of the Andalusian Mountain Federation (FAM and FEDME).


5.1. If the race needs to be interrupted or suspended at any point of the path, the classification will show the order and time of arrival at the point where the race was interrupted or at the last checkpoint.

5.2. In case of force majeure or adverse weather conditions, the organisation of the race has the right to suspend, modify or neutralize times, refreshment points or the itinerary. This way the inscription fee will NOT be refunded.

5.3. If the race is cancelled due to force majeure one week before the race, there will be a partial refund of the inscription fee. This amount will be calculated bearing in mind those expenses that the organisation will no longer be able to recover.

5.4. If there are less than fifty participants registered for the race, all the total amounts paid will be refunded.


6.1. Inscriptions will be at from the following date: 05/12/22 at 10:00

Inscriptions wil be open until 15 days before the race or until the number of available back numbers has been completed.

6.2. The price of the inscription includes:

• Runner’s bag.

• The opportunity to win prizes and trophies offered by the organisation.

• Access to refreshment stops established by the organisation.

• Medical aid (for those who may require it) during the race and at the finish line.

• Accident insurance hired by the organisation.

• Evacuation in case of accident or for exceeding the cut-off time at checkpoints.

• Showers in the area of the finish line.

• Cloakroom service for clothes and backpacks.

• Medal and finisher garment for all those participants who manage to finish the race within the set time. (It will only be possible to choose the size if the inscription is before the first of March. After this date we cannot guarantee you will receive the size indicated in the inscription).

6.3. Prices for federated and non federated runners. Runners federated through FAM or FEDME wil obtain a 5€ discount. Those who are not federated pay these 5€ so that we can obtain their federation card for them for one day, and that way they will be covered during the race in case of accident. Those who inscribe themselves as federated runners will have to identify themselves with their federation card when picking up the back numbers. If they do not have it or it is not valid, they will have to pay 10€ so that the organization can urgently hire a federation card for one day.

Runners will not be allowed to participate in the race without having a federation card, be it a seasonal one or a card for the day of the race.


From 05/12 to 31/12

65 € 70€

From 01/01 to 01/02

75 € 80€

From 02/02 to 01/04

85 € 90€


6.4. To formalise the inscription and pick up the back number, it is necessary to show your ID, passport or an equivalent document for foreigners.

6.5. When picking up the numbers and the runner’s bag for another person, it will be necessary to present a copy of that person’s ID or passport (a photo sent by mobile phone will do) together with the ID of the person picking up the items.


7.1. Participants are advised to bring water, salts and other complements necessary to complete the distance between refreshment points. We recommend that you bring at least one litre of water.

7.2. It is forbidden for runners to receive help from anybody who is not linked to the race. If you wish to receive food, beverages or equipment for the race on behalf of relatives or friends, this will ONLY be possible at the refreshment points.

7.3. It is absolutely FORBIDDEN to throw rubbish or waste along the route of the race. Runners must carry it on them until reaching the specific spots meant for that purpose at the refreshment points. Not following this rule will mean the runner will be disqualified and lose their number.

7.4. We recommend you to plan the material for the race depending on the weather forecast, estimating the time spent on the race and other variables that might condition the security of the participants.

7.5. All runners are obliged to bring the following equipment, which will be verified at the start of the race and may be required again at any other point of the race:

• Long-sleeve windbreaker jacket with hood.

• Thermal blanket of at least 1.20 x 2m.

• Whistle

• Water container (at least one litre).

• Headlight or torch with batteries or replacement battery.

• Red back light.

• Charged mobile phone with telephone numbers of the organisation.

• Trousers or sports leggings.

• Cap, visor or anything alike.

• Glass or container.


8.1. It is not allowed to change or hand over the number to another participant. In this case, the participant who does not wish to take part in the race must cancel their inscription, and this number will be given to the next reserve runner in line.


9.1. Only participants who have hired the cancellation insurance with their inscription will be allowed to cancel their inscription up to twenty-four hours before the starting time, and will be entitled to receive 100% of the sum paid, except for the price of the insurance itself.


AbsolutE AbsolutE
Senior (24 a 39 years) Senior (24 a 39 years)
Veteran A (40 a 49 years) Veteran A (40 a 49 years)
Veteran B (50 a 59 years) Veteran B (50 a 59 years)
Veteran C (+ 60 years) Veteran C (+ 60 years)



There will be prizes for the first three classified runners for the General race, both male and female. Besides, there will be trophies for the first three runners classified in each category.

All participants will receive a finisher medal as long as they complete the race within the maximum periods of time established

Trophies will be awarded in the local sports pavilion at ten o’clock in the morning on Sunday, April 16th. Approximately 30 minutes before this event, attendees will be offered a breakfast with hot chocolate.


The following checkpoints and cut-off points have been established:

1. Vélez de Benaudalla – 3 h. 45 min. (11:15 h.)

2. Pinos del valle – 4 h. (15:15 h.)

3. Guájar Faragüit – 3 h. 30 min. (18:45 h.)

4. Molvízar – 4 h. (22:45 h.)

5. Salobreña – 3 h. (1:45 h.)

6. Motril-Finish line – 2 h. 45 min. End of the race. (4:30 h.)


• Any runner may abandon the race whenever they wish to do so by warning the nearest checkpoint or the staff of the organisation and handing in their back number.

• Runners who abandon the race outside the indicated spots for evacuation will have to reach the nearest evacuation point by their own means.

• Please remember that Costa Tropical X 100KM will be in places of difficult access for vehicles or even places which can only be reached on foot. Therefore, in some cases, it might take hours for emergency services to have access to the injured.

• The refreshment points will serve as official evacuation points.

• There will be several medical teams distributed along different points of the race. These teams will be connected by radio with the management of the race and will be capable of assistance at any point.

• Runners are obliged to offer aid to any other participant who may require it.


14.1. The jury of the race will try to solve claims on the same day of the race.

14.2. Claims referring to the provisional qualifications may be registered up to 30 minutes after their release.

14.3. In case of disagreement with the jury’s verdict, the participants may register a written complaint, filling in the corresponding official FAM form and paying a 60€ fee, as established in Title VIII of the FAM Mountain Race Regulations. This amount will be returned to the participant if the complaint prospers.

14.4. Complaints after the race against the Competition Jury must be registered in written form and addressing the Mountain Race Area of the FAM in a maximal term of 7 natural days from the following day of the release of the classifications. The Mountain Race Area of the FAM will express its verdict within thirty natural days, knowing that, if the last day of this term is a holiday, it will be extended until the next working day.


15.1. Penalties:

• Lack of mandatory equipment: 30 minutes (per unit).

• Not wearing a visible number on your back: 30 minutes.

15.2. Disqualifications:

• Removing or pulling out markers along the path.

• Taking shortcuts.

• Skipping any of the checkpoints.

• Throwing wrappers or waste on the ground outside the indicated spots.

• The lack of three or more items of the mandatory equipment.

• Not offering help to injured runners.

• Not using mandatory lights.

• Deliberately disobeying the organisation.


• The organisation has hired a Civil Responsibility insurance which will be effective during the competition. This insurance covers the risk of the organisation, those who have been hired for the event and also the participants.

• The organisation will hire an Individual Accident insurance for all those participants who are not FAM or FEDME federated. This insurance will be valid until the end of the race.


For any questions, send us this form and we will answer you as soon as possible.